The process.....
From a simple sketch the work begins
Silver melted and cast into a round ingot.
Ingot milled to a workable size.
Milled wire is pulled through a drawplate to the required shape and size
During these procedures the silver is annealed several times at 600 degrees c and then pickled in an acid to remove oxides preparing the metal for the next process.
Creating the Master Copy in Silver.......
This one will be cast in both Silver and 9ct Gold.
This one will be cast in both Silver and 9ct Gold.
Recycled 9ct Gold is being
used in this example
Master copy being prepared
Collars for ring shank turned and drilled to correct size.
Shank and collars ready for Silver soldering.
Stone made a perfect fit by using mini burrs to create the setting. Ring mounted onto the sprue.
Ring laid into vulcanising rubber.
Vulcanised in press at 175 degrees c for 75 minutes
Ring carved from a solid block of casting wax, sapphire stone will be removed from the earing and later on set into the ring.
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Mould cut open, original model removed.
Wax injected into mould to create copies of Master.
Master and wax injected copy.
Checking that the stone setting is 0.3mm larger than stone, this then takes into account metal shrinkage during casting.
Ring set on rubber sprue base and a sleeve is fitted.
Investment powder mixed with precise amount of water at the correct temperature, vaccumed during this process to remove air bubbles.
Investment mix poured into the flask.
Flask vaccumed to remove any air bubbles.
Investment set, rubber base removed.
Flasks placed into pre-burnout oven to remove majority of wax.
Flasks then placed into main burnout oven, reaching a temperature of 725 degrees c, dropping down to a casting temperature of 565 degrees c, total burnout time 14 hours.
Centrifugal casting machine balanced for casting.
Crucible loaded with 9ct Gold casting grain.
Flask removed from oven and fitted to casting machine, metal heated up.
Button released, forcing metal into flask.
Cast rings after removal from flask
Master         Wax         Casting
Rings are barrelled in a media, polished and transferred to the ultrasonic cleaning/degreasing tank before final assembly
Graham Richard Shaw
Silversmith, Jeweller, metalworker.
Estimated time from start to finish, per ring,  38 hours!
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9ct Gold
9.25 Silver
9ct Gold
9ct Gold
Design 1
Design 2
Items are  packaged and then sent to the Birmingham Assay office for testing and the required hallmark.